Relational Outreach

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Recruit, Engage & Activate!

It Takes a Friend to Get a Friend to Vote

Over and over again, campaigns and studies show that 
relational organizing demonstrates the biggest mobilization effect of
any voter contact method, especially as it relates to voter turnout.
This makes relational organizing the most effective voter outreach
method and a powerful tool for changing the culture around voting.

Relational outreach describes something you do all the time: talk to people you know personally and persuade them to take an action.

Don't let this valuable campaign time pass you by. 

SwipeRed™ brings tools to campaigns to hold those conversations online, friend to friend.

Please join us to hear:

•  What is "relational outreach and organizing"?

•  How your biggest supporters can advocate for you quickly and easily during social distancing.

•  How to target the right voter with the right message digitally.

•  Demo of the new relational outreach tool for the "RIGHT"  SwipeRed™.