Relational Organizing and Outreach

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What if you could turn one supporter into 5 or even 10, in minutes? And mobilize more volunteers than you have ever imagined?

In the past, there was simply no way to do it. Volunteers and core supporters have always been a rare and precious commodity—because asking people to contribute their time is even harder than asking for their money or their vote.

SwipeRed™ changes that, by changing the formula for how you recruit your most valuable supporters. We help your message get out from one supporter to their friends in minutes.

Here’s how it works:


Download SwipeRed 

Your supporter downloads the SwipeRed™ app and shares their contacts to be matched. SwipeRed matches your supporters’ contacts with your existing voter database!

Together, you are ready to get started! A push notification tells your supporters that you have a call to action for them.


Take Action 

Your advocates sends your curated message using their own preferred means, including text, Facebook messaging, Twitter, Instagram or email to the friends. It’s not a group message. It’s not a spam message. It’s one friend talking to another!

Your supporter hears directly from their friend, and responses are added to your campaign database—harnessing the power of your supporters’ influence to improve your data!


Recruit More

Your advocate has quickly and painlessly personally recruited new supporters and volunteers AND helped refine your campaign database!

The result? A few supporters can recruit many new ones. And they can do it from anywhere, at any time, in only a few minutes.


More volunteers 


Friend match to voter file


Positive feedback


More voter turnout 

It's revolutionary

You can recruit thousands of new volunteers in as few as 2 weeks, turn out the vote like never before and dominate social media.

Harness the power of friend to friend campaigning!

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