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while growing your base of supporters and using that energy and
momentum to make change.

Putting relationships at the center of political organizing 

Simply put, friends trust friends.

Relational organizing is the key to creating lasting change. It emphasizes the power of our relationships and our capacity for dialogue about important issues. By mobilizing the people we already know, we can create a lasting impact on the world around us. SwipeRed empowers campaigns, advocacy organizations, and individuals to reach, persuade, and activate their communities on Election Day—and beyond. 

SwipeRed Volunteer App 

By using the SwipeRed volunteer app, you empower your biggest advocates to message friends, peers, sharing your message to their social networks and much more.

Friend-to-Friend Communication
- is the most powerful strategy to reach, persuade and activate voters. It is the simple, proven concept that people talking to their friends and family ((Relational Organizing) is more effective than strangers talking to strangers. In an age when trust in institutions is low, the messenger is as important (if not more important!) as the message.

The average contact rate for relational is 80%, compared with 5-20% for door-knocking and phone calls from strangers. We created SwipeRed™ to enable supporters to reach more friends in an easy, digital way - text, direct message, phone calls, and email.

Peer-to-Peer Communication
- Take advantage of our powerful peer-to-peer messaging to quickly and easily reach large numbers of voters. Upload your opt-in voter list and start sending messages instantly, maximizing the speed and efficiency of your outreach efforts. Our battle-tested system ensures reliable and secure communication with your target audience.

Social Sharing
- Motivate your volunteers to share digital content with their social media networks. Encourage them to highlight key messages, advertise events, and promote voter mobilization to expand your cause exponentially.

Event Sharing
- SwipeRed gives your advocates all your events in the app to be shared with the friends and family. These events can include volunteer events, fundraisers, meet and greets, and much more.

Neighborhood Outreach
- Activate area coordinators to rally those around a specific location or build neighborhood meetups or block parties. Neighbors working together help create positive change around an issue or campaign.

Engage Advocates - Engage your biggest supporters using
• Polls
• Public and Private Teams
• Gamification - earn points and badges
Each action is worth points, which help volunteers climb the leaderboard. Create competitions between individual volunteers or between volunteer teams to incentivize engagement.

Where does relational organizing work?

• Sharing your message from trusted messengers
• Registering your supporters to vote
• Getting your supporters to submit ballots early
• Getting out the vote on election day
• Growing your volunteer base 
• Driving attendance at event
• Relational fundraising 


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Increase of voter turn out


Increase in Republican Turnout


Highest CD Turnout


Additional votes to the Republican candidate              


Volunteers have sent millions of messages from our platform. Here are some of the tools they used:

Target Audience

Volunteers sync the contacts SwipeRed matches them to the audience to build the Smart Match©.


Give your advocates your talking point, FAQs or resources to help them
help you win.

Detailed Analysis

Make informed decisions
with robust data filtering by channel, message and advocate.              

Voter Intel

Your advocate is your best source of information about the voter. Now they can share intel with you.

Custom Tags & Fields

Create tags and fields
for targeting

Take Surveys

Volunteers share your survey to hear directly from the voters. 

Here’s how it works:


Download SwipeRed 

Your supporter downloads the SwipeRed™ app and chooses your organization or campaign. They share their contacts to be matched. SwipeRed matches your supporters’ contacts with your target audience!

Together, you are ready to get started! A push notification tells your supporters that you have a call to action for them.


Take Action 

Your advocates send your curated message using their own preferred means, including text, email, DM or phone.  It’s not a group message. 

The advocate hears directly from their friend, and responses are added to your campaign database—harnessing the power of your supporters’ influence to improve your data! 


Recruit More

Your advocate quickly and painlessly recruit new supporters and volunteers AND help refine your campaign database!

The result? A few supporters can recruit many new ones. And they can do it from anywhere, at any time, in only a few minutes.

Dennis Smith for AG had deployed a relational organizing strategy earlier in his campaign. In mid-January when the decision was made to skip the party endorsing convention, they kicked it into full gear, recalibrating their volunteer recruiting program for an immediate statewide campaign. The campaign began to push 3 to 4 weekly messages to the volunteers and started weekly Zoom “house parties” for the volunteers to be updated by Dennis, and to receive additional training on the SwipeRed app. Volunteers invite friends to their homes to join the team and start sharing. The first 4 weeks of the program were remarkable. Volunteer recruitment doubled, and the number of messages shared exploded to where a recent message was shared over 500 times in 20 minutes during the party!

The team didn’t even stop for the Super Bowl! Game-related messages were being shared and a contest-winning volunteer was announced at halftime.

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In 3 weeks, there has been a 440% increase in contacts made, and thousands of messages were shared to the volunteer’s friends, family, and even people they don’t know.

There's more:

Training and Support

Our hands-on trainings, strategy tips, and multi faceted support helps you reach your goals. We’ll work with you to build you grassroots teams and engage new activist together, whether you’re focused on member growth, fundraising, persuasion, or activation.


With all of your advocate engagement and outreach in one place, you’ll have be able to measure your success in real-time.  You will see which channels are used to engage your grassroots teams. The Buzz360 customizable reports are robust and flexible to get real time insights


Use advanced tools to identify target audiences and share them among all your outreach tools: email, text, and mobile relational. User defined fields enable you to focus your outreach on just the right people with just the right message.