Grow Your Event Attendance 

Recruit new supporters, energize volunteers, and win.

Buzz360 is focused on helping campaigns to drive more action. 

Build organizational momentum through hosting both online and offline events. Meet, greet, and motivate your members and community.

You manage and schedule your events from one place, while harnessing data insights to drive success. Recruit volunteers and Throw successful events and fundraisers with powerful, fully-integrated tools. Empower your supporters to host their own events using the SwipeRed volunteer app.

The integrated platform makes it simple to segment lists of registrations and attendees for email, call, and text communication.  

Online Forms for Every Event

Take advantage of powerful tools such as customizable, embeddable, and shareable sign-up forms, data-driven insights, and scheduling, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising to maximize success for your program.

Unique Event Publishing

Buzz360's unique event publishing lets your event show not only on your website but also on other "Groups" using the Buzz360 events; like Congressional Districts, State Parties, Campaigns, and our Actiate.Red site.

Make Sure Supporters Show Up

Make sure that volunteers show up, bring friends, and come back to other events. Volunteers share on social media. The automated email  messages to supporters who sign up.  Create a post event feedback survey and text or email to attendees. 


Get an effective, easy way to track voters, volunteers, and donors.

Tap into a network of millions

Volunteers sharing your events on their social media networks helps you reach millions. 

Automatic Event Page

Automatically display your events on your website.  Once the event is done, they come off automatically

Integrated CRM

Make decisions backed by data.

Integrated Relational

Buzz360's built in CRM is
key to winning

Flexible Publishing

If you are using a Wordpress or other website, you can still embed your event page.

Seemless Communication

 The unified platform makes it simple to segment registrations and attendees for email, call, and text communication.

It's revolutionary

You can recruit thousands of new volunteers in as few as 2 weeks, turn out the vote like never before and dominate social media.

Harness the power of friend to friend campaigning! 

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