For Campaigns

Engaging more supporters, across more channels

Buzz360 and SwipeRed App for  Campaigns 

Hundreds of campaigns have leveraged the Buzz360's comprehensive outreach platform for persuasion efforts and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives, resulting in increased voter turnout and successful election outcomes. 

Get your messages to the people who matter most

Robust and Dynamic Voter Database
Identify the voters you need to turn out with advanced filters that dynamically updates with every supporter interaction.

Broadcast Email & Text

Reach your audience in an instant with broadcast messaging! With these tools, you can easily send SMS or Email messages to your supporters to fundraise, share petition links, or drive calls to action with information on nearby rallies, legislation updates, and more. Get your message across quickly and effectively with broadcast messaging!

Hosted campaign website

Create campaign ready pages that tell your compelling story. Use the form of petitions, events, volunteer hubs, fundraising campaigns and more.

Fundraising & finances

Easily connect your WinRed page or other fundraising pages to your site. The WinRed webhook make the data flow very easy.

SwipeRed Volunteer App 

Using the SwipeRed volunteer app, you empower your biggest advocates to message friends, family, and peers using the communication channel they choose; text, email, direct message, or calls as well as sharing your message to their social networks and much more.


Grow your Supporters

Use a volunteer engagement platform to turn everyday supporters into active advocates and provide them with the opportunity to progress in their engagement.

Activate Voters

Keep in touch with voters throughout your campaign by using a variety of outreach tools from the start of your campaign all the way through to election day.

Event Organization

When it's time to organize rallies, town halls, and volunteer events use our event management and promotion tools to make sure your supporters stay informed.

Strong Web Presence

Create a website that is prepared for a campaign, which tells  engaging story through petitions, events, volunteer hubs, fundraising initiatives and more.

Recruit Volunteers

With all of your advocate engagement and outreach in one place, you’ll have be able to measure your success in real-time.  You will see which channels are used to engage your grassroots teams. The Buzz360 customizable reports are robust and flexible to get real time insights.

Connect with Supporters

Use advanced tools to identify target audiences and share them among all your outreach tools: email, text, and mobile relational. User defined fields enable you to focus your outreach on just the right people with just the right message.