Winning Campaigns Never End

How often have you heard, “I would love to help, but I have very little time and I don’t know what to say“? SwipeRed is the answer! 10 minutes waiting in the car is enough to work for the campaign and recruit or activate a friend to get involved.

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Empower your supporters to organize their personal community.

SwipeRed passes a shareable message to the advocate and suggests the friends to pass a message to. Campaigns using SwipeRed were able to attract an average of 8 times as many volunteers as comparable campaigns. The robust database that can be fueled with your own data or synchronized with the RNC datacenter and allows you to create as many smart target audiences as you need.

To reach activists and voters directly, the text message and email system ties into the database and uses the same target audiences and message creation system.  Review a voter record, know how often the person has been contacted, how many time did they open their message, did they sign up for an event?  To support events and persuasion efforts you can create landing pages and a website from easy to use templates.

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The true functionality came on the back end of the site. Our team won our election by a two to one margin and we will not only use their expanded services the next election, but during our legislative session and the interim. We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election!  

Rep. Scott Louser - ND District 5