Use a multi channel approach to your communication!

Email & text blasting

Broadcast email and text messages are a crucial element of any modern political campaign or cause — from raising money to communicating with supporters about events to getting people out to vote. 

Reach the people who matter most to your campaign by personalizing emails and segmenting your audiences. Use dynamic supporter data in your messages and sophisticated filters and tags to identify the right people for emails and texts.

Finally, measure your success with metrics such as opens, clickthroughs, bounces, and unsubscribes.

Personalized Communication

Personalized emails and text perform better than impersonal ones — in fact, three-quarters of people say they’ll only engage with personalized messages. 

But personalizing hundreds or thousands text or email  one-by-one is daunting. The integrated CRM makes it simple.

Easy Editor to Build Emails

Our user’s lover the email builder. It lets you create attractive emails with its pre-built templates and elements. It has an intuitive interface.

Dynamic Target Audiences

By using tags and attribute filtering, you can easily organize your audience based on any attribute, such as previous actions and industry criteria. For instance, you can craft a text or email specifically for highly engaged subscribers who are about to have a birthday. You have unlimited tags and user defined fields.


Volunteers have sent millions of messages from our platform. Here are some of the tools they used:

Time Your Messages

Create your communications and
automatically send them are just the right time.

Long Code Messages

Reach your audience
quickly with Broadcast
10DLC messages

Detailed Analysis

Make informed decisions
with robust data filtering 

Integrated CRM

Buzz360's built in CRM is
key to winning

Custom Tags & Fields

Create tags and fields
for targeting

Forms & Landing Pages

Help grow your list with build your own forms or landing pages and watch your audience grow.

What People Ask About Broadcast Messages

What is Broadcast texting vs P2P?

Broadcast texting is a powerful outreach tool that enables organizers to easily reach a large group of people with a single message. This method of communication allows organizers to send out mass text messages to a list of subscribers who have given their consent to receive updates. Compared to peer-to-peer texting, broadcast texting can reach a greater number of individuals quickly and efficiently

How do you use Broadcast?

Broadcast messaging is a great tool for quickly sharing fundraising, campaign updates, and rapid response messages with a large audience. It can also be used to send subscribers updates, reminders, and event information

Do you need Relational Outreach if you are using Broadcast?

The Answer is YES!

Simply put, relational is your supporters sending their friends and family message about your campaign or cause. Broadcast outreach is you sending your message to your opt-in list of voters, donors, or supporters.

We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election!

The true functionality came on the back end of the site. Our team won our election by a two to one margin and we will not only use their expanded services the next election, but during our legislative session and the interim. We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election! - Rep. Scott Louser - ND District 5

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