Case Studies

Explore the tangible impact of our pioneering approach to political technology. Dive into the remarkable ways Buzz360 and SwipeRed™ has been deployed in actual campaigns, going beyond mere theoretical excellence.

Never Back Down supporting Governor DeSantis for President Case Study

In a highly contested Presidential Caucus in Iowa, Never Back Down had built a historically strong ground game of paid door knockers and a strong precinct captain team for the 1626 precincts across the state. Reporters said voters have been swayed by contact from the super PAC, but many remained unconvinced.

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Erik Aadland CO-07 Case Study

Erik Aadland ran for Congress in CO-7. Going into the primary, it was considered a close race between the 3 candidates. The campaign's strategy was based on a robust, high-touch grassroots organization using the SwipeRed app for volunteers to share Friend-to-Friend, Peer-to-Peer Messages, social media posts, campaign events, issue positions talking points, and to keep volunteers engaged.

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2022 Year End Review

We're closing out 2022 with some numbers that you may find interesting.Take a look at our year in review to learn how our campaigns and organization made a difference in 2022.

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Explore everything from strategic tips to inspiring success stories to drive your success. 

6 Tips on building a relational organizing campaign

Relational organizing is becoming a "must have" for today's political campaigns and movements. In the world today, building those personal, authentic connections to get people interested, excited, and ready to take action is critical. With AI becoming more prominent, real and personal relationships are becoming ever more important. 

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The Basics of Ballot Chasing

Now that voting by mail and early voting is more common throughout the country, Election Day has effectively been replaced by an "Election Month" or even more in some states. These regulatory changes mean new voting routines for both voters and campaigns. Voting by mail doesn't just mean a longer "Election Day"– it also means new voting rules and regulations, and it has led to new campaign tactics. 

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Guide to Relational Voter Registration

Voter registration is an invaluable process for any political campaign. The first reason to register voters is obvious — by registering new people a campaign expands the number of eligible voters. Target communities or precincts with large numbers of base voters (those who always vote Republican) to increase the likelihood of registering new Republicans. 

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What does the "Why" have to do with the campaign?

“Start with the “WHY” Simon Sinek postulates that the key to lasting success both in business and in politics lies in putting the "WHY" first.  It actually is easy to spot in corporations like Apple or Southwest Airlines and in politicians like Trump and Bernie Sanders...

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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Text Marketing

SMS marketing for political campaigns has entered the mainstream at an amazing rate in the past few years. There has been a rise in tech spending in recent years and digital innovation, like political texting, is likely to continue growing. 

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How relational organizing helps candidates win conventions.

Research shows that second to the news, messages from a friend are the most effective way to influence a voter.  In recent elections we found this to be overwhelmingly true – see Georgia, where Stacey Abrams has spent the last 4 years ...

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How to use Buzz360 for a convention

The political convention is a uniquely American tradition. They are a time-honored tradition that date back to the 19th century, but they're not legally required by federal or state law, and there's nothing in the Constitution. However, holding your convention is one of our primary purposes. They need a lot of planning and solid execution. Technology can help.

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