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SwipeRed™ helps you empower your advocates with the tool to distribute information .

Organizing Together 

People do not get involved in groups because of statistics or facts. They get involved because they care about something.  Neighborhood organizing is powerful and exciting because it changes the direction of communities and the lives of people in them.

Empower your supporters to host their own house parties, fundraisers, community events, and more, while ensuring that RSVP and attendee data is easily and accurately reflected in your database.

Give neighborhood leaders the autonomy to coordinate their efforts, recruit supporters, and run campaigns both offline and online.

Geo-targeted Activities

Organize and activate neighborhood leaders and teams through geo-targeted events and messages. Empower neighborhood leaders to reach into the districts with specific messaging.

Distributed Organizing

Your neighborhood leader coordinates a community event, invites the people using text, email, or phone and track their RSVP. 

Feedback Forms

Unleash your team's potential by equipping them with the right outreach targets and the feedback form to give you important intel directly to their phone.

Empower your volunteer's community

Volunteers create neighborhood online and in person meet ups 

Advocates Host Events

Build momentum through hosting both online and offline events. Meet, greet, and motivate your members and community.

Build Relationships

Build strong relationships and stay connected with your community in real life or virtually.

Integrated CRM

Buzz360's built in CRM is
key to winning.

Administration and Reporting

Save time by managing messaging and measuring your results from within the dashboard by network and volunteer.


Volunteers earn badges and points and you can create contests.

Reduce Risk

You create the  content to ensure the messaging is accurate, clear, and on-brand.

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We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election!

The true functionality came on the back end of the website. Our team won our election by a two to one margin and we will not only use their expanded services the next election, but during our legislative session and the interim. We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election! - Rep. Scott Louser - ND District 5

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You can recruit thousands of new volunteers in as few as 2 weeks, turn out the vote like never before and dominate social media.

Harness the power of friend to friend campaigning!

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