The Platform

Our outreach technology makes it easy for you to get friends, family, neighbors and your base engaged. Communicate value based messages using email, SMS communications, and social direct messages. Create events and volunteer opportunities to share, landing pages and website to ensure you have control of your message. Work seamlessly with the integrated contact management where you import contacts from your list or other data sources, to build your target audiences. 

Friend to Friend Relational Organizing

Relational organizing, also known as friend-to-friend outreach, is the single most effective way to activate grassroots. Harness the power of personal connections with SwipeRed’s leading conservative relational organizing tools.

SwipeRed matches your supporters’ contacts with your existing voter database!


Peer to Peer Communication

Conduct strategic outreach via text, email, direct message or call. Built for speed, your volunteers can reach thousands of voters per hour. Our "Assign Me 5 Contacts©" Peer-to-Peer texting is battle-tested and proven to help campaigns and organizations of any size conduct outreach.

Engage Voters in two-way conversation.

SwipeRed matches your supporters’ contacts with your existing voter database!

Location Based Outreach

Activate area coordinators to rally those around a specific location or build neighborhood meetups, canvassing or block parties.

Neighbors working together create positive change around a cause or campaign.

SwipeRed matches your supporters’ contacts with your existing voter database! 


Social Media Amplification

Encourage your volunteers to distribute digital content to their own personal networks on social media. Amplify key messaging points, spread the word about events, GOTV, and more to build your movement exponentially. 


Broadcast Outreach - Text and Email

Easily communicate with your volunteers or voters by sending broadcast text messages and emails. Keep your network informed of events, announcements, calls to action, and more with just a few clicks. Stay connected with your volunteers or subscribers and make outreach simple.

Event Organizing 

Buzz360 provides the tools you need to host successful volunteer events from start to finish. Create an the event, gather RSVPs, promote the event with an outreach campaigns, track performance, and more.


Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Constituent Relationship Management is widely regarded as a necessity for a data driven campaign. It is critical for organizations to successfully identify and engage with voters, volunteers, shape opinions, and gain votes through complete integration of tools such as friend-to-friend, peer-to-peer, broadcast texting, and email marketing. The Buzz360 CRM is built for robust targeting and these integrated outreach tactics  gives the organization the tools to win. 


Website CMS

Create an effective online presence with our website and landing page solutions for candidates and organizations. Our powerful, cost-effective tools come with hosting included and are optimized for maximum conversions on mobile devices. Get started with one of our easy-to-use, conversion-focused templates.


Thank you for your help in my primary win. Your service was needed to secure the victory. We are looking forward to beating Ilhan Omar."
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Cicely Davis— US Congress Candidate

The digital tools you need to recruit, engage and activate supporters, and empower their personal community