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Messages from friends, family and people you know are the single most effective form of influence. Scale your organizing efforts to reach as many persuadable as possible through friends.

Target your outreach by smart matching your advocates contacts against the target audience you have identified.

SwipeRed Relational Organizing

SwipeRed™ does what every campaign needs: mobilize supporters, volunteers, and voters in the simplest, most powerful, and most effective way.

Harness and multiply your most powerful asset—your core supporters—and turn them into influence powerhouses. 

The results are amazing. SwipeRed does what others can’t.

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Best Use of Relational Organizing on a Campaign

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SwipeRed is a must-have for campaigns. It is the perfect tool to get volunteers engaged and involved without leaving the comfort of their home.
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Cody Bright — Campaign Manager

Outreach Platform

Our outreach technology makes it easy for you to get friends, family, neighbors and your base engaged. Communicate value based messages using email, SMS communications, and social direct messages. Create events and volunteer opportunities to share, landing pages and website to ensure you have control of your message. Work seamlessly with the integrated contact management where you import contacts from your list or other data sources, to build your target audiences.

Replace multiple systems with one scalable campaign platform. 

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8 X

Increase in Volunteers


Average Contact Matches

+10 PPS

Additional Voter Turnout

95 %

Customer Retention