Outreach Features

Enables you to recruit and engage supporters and energize them to take meaningful action as trusted advocates.

Features that win!

The digital tools you need to recruit, engage and activate supporters, and empower their personal community. 

Friend to Friend, Peer to Peer Outreach

Your advocates send your messages to their friends and peers using their networks: SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and email, etc.

Relational Organizing

Have advocates contact anyone in their network or use the Smart Match to match their friends against a targeted list or voter file.  Build personal relationships with advocates.

Targeted Audiences

Use advanced tools to identify target audiences and share them among all your outreach tools: email, text, and mobile relational.

Email Outreach

Send an email right now or schedule one for delivery on a future day to your potential voters or special interest supporters. Track who opens or engages with that email.

SMS Broadcast Outreach

Personal SMS text messaging to help you get your message out quickly to supporters and voters. Register new voters, increase voter turnout and remind supporters about the key issues of your campaign.

Volunteer Recruitment

Drive more action easier to achieve your goals. We help supporters find the best opportunities for them to take action, ensuring they sign up, show up, bring friends, and come back.

Landing Page & Websites

Website and landing pages for candidates & organizations. Powerful, affordable, effective. Hosting included. Start with a conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive template.

SwipeRed™ App

Have supporters download the SwipeRed™ app from the app store and enables them to recruit, engage and activate their friends with your campaign or cause.

Branded Relational App

All the same great communication tools and contact matching features for your advocates to work for you  but it is in your colors, your logo and your messages.  

Voter Contact Management

Managing your voter contacts allows you to target your contacts in a meaningful way, strengthen your support, and motivate more volunteers, voters and donors to take action. Targeting that allows get right message to the right person.


Hosting a convention, fundraiser or meet and greet? Create and invite your contacts and post the details on social media. Buzz360 helps you drive attendance.

Affinity Texting

Supporters do not know everyone in their area, but they have something in common (affinity) with  them. Create an audience for that affinity and your advocates can contact those with a common vantage point.

Flexible Forms

Create your own forms or use the existing templates to capture website or landing page visitors information. The forms are completely integrated into the contact management.

Media Library & Image Editor

Create your messages and web pages using the images from your library with an integrated image editor to crop, size, add filters, and more.