SwipeRed™ makes it easy for your supporters to safely share your content—extending your social reach.

Tap into the power of advocates

The quickest way to boost your social media reach is to have your volunteers share your organization’s content on their personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

SwipeRed's clean and intuitive mobile app boosts volunteer engagement by making it easy for your people to stay connected and informed. Use the incredible social influence of your volunteers by empowering them to share approved content across their social networks. Our SwipeRed™ app gives you supporting stats and gamification you need to keep your fans engaged. 

With your volunteers sharing your message on their networks, you avoid the tech giants from blocking your message.

Extend Your Reach

Provide volunteers with content they can share to educate others on the issues youre fighting for, such as encouraging people to vote, participating in polls, and attend events.

Voters Trust Their Friends

72% of the people trust social media content shared by friends and family and are trusted more than well-known online personalities, elected officials, and celebrities.


Rapid Response

In just minutes, you can develop and distribute content to gain immediate traction for your campaign or organization. Volunteers help you respond to current events, opponent's message and other news quickly.

Tap into the power of your volunteer's social network.

Volunteers have sent millions of messages from our platform. Here are some of the tools they used:

You Create the Post

You create the content and
volunteers add authenticity.

Increase Followers

Share messages the link back to
your account to gain more followers

Multi Media

The posts your create can be images,
copy, links, and GIFs.

Administration and Reporting

Save time by managing messaging and measuring your results from within the dashboard by network and volunteer


Volunteers earn badges and points and you can create contests.

Reduce Risk

You create the  content to ensure the messaging is accurate, clear, and on-brand.

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We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election!

The true functionality came on the back end of the site. Our team won our election by a two to one margin and we will not only use their expanded services the next election, but during our legislative session and the interim. We highly recommend Buzz360 to win your next election! - Rep. Scott Louser - ND District 5

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It's revolutionary

You can recruit thousands of new volunteers in as few as 2 weeks, turn out the vote like never before and dominate social media.

Harness the power of friend to friend campaigning!

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