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Peer-to-peer messaging is a powerful tool for campaigns, advocacy groups, and party units to reach out to their supporters. It is a valuable way to engage with people on a more personal level and to spread important messages quickly and easily. Through SwipeRed's peer-to-peer messaging, organizations can reach out to a wide range of individuals and get an immediate response for fundraising, mobilizing voters, increasing support for critical issues, and more. By sending messages directly to individuals, organizations can build relationships with their supporters and keep them informed about their activities. In addition, peer-to-peer messages can be used to quickly and easily spread important messages, reminders, and updates.

Audience Building

The robust filtering of contacts gives you the option to target the smallest universe for people or target thousands based on age, gender, political leaning, location, interests or a myriad of other criteria. The target audience is dynamic and leverages the integrated CRM.

Positive Feedback Loops

The "Assign Me 5 Contacts"© assignment of members of the audience creates a positive feedback loop that advocates circled back and used it over and over again. This enables thousands of messages to be sent in a short time span.

More Than Just P2P "Texting"

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Messaging in the SwipeRed™ volunteer app is not only a texting tool.  If you volunteers prefers to send an email rather than a text, they can do that.  Or the volunteer can click on the phone icon and call the person in the Assign Me 5 Contacts© list.  


Volunteers have sent millions of messages from our platform. Here are some of the tools they used:

Mobile App or Web

Advocates can use their
phone or computers.

Interactive Response 

You or your team can
have a conversation.

Detailed Analysis

Make informed decisions
with robust data filtering.                  

Integrated CRM

Buzz360's built in CRM is
key to winning.

Custom Tags & Fields

Create tags and fields
for targeting.

Integrated Friend-to-Friend

Built in relational outreach.

Are you concerned about how the latest 10DLC regulations

will effect your text messaging program

SwipeRed is built for 10DLC compliance and enables you to use your local number to reach thousands of supporter. It’s powerful messaging designed to engage your audience.

What is 10DLC?

10DLC refers to a set of texting regulations enforced by mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T. With these regulations, political campaigns and organizations sending SMS or MMS messages (via both Peer-to-Peer Texting and Broadcast Texting) must register for 10DLC.

How do I register for 10DLC?

Buzz360 helps you with the registration process through our messaging vendor, Twilio and Campaign Verify, for all clients looking to send SMS or MMS texts. All you need to do is furnish your EIN and your SS4 and we will submit your registration.

We could not have done it without you!

SwipeRed customer Senator Eric Pratt represents MN SD 54 (Scott County). He found himself in an intense primary against an opponent who enjoyed the support of a very powerful statewide group.

Eric and his team deployed a hybrid between targeted door-knocking, Facebook ads and a comprehensive online one-on-one outreach and engagement strategy with peer-to-peer messaging.
The campaign touched Republican Primary voter through their friends, through emails and broadcast text messaging as well as Facebook ads. They executed close to 150,000 one-on-one voter contacts and engage directly with voters in one-on-one online conversations.  He closed with a decisive win at 53.7%.

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