NH Primary Source: Negron campaign adds ‘SwipeRed’ app to organize, picks up Nashua endorsements


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Buzz360 and US House candidate (NH02) Steve Negron, announced today that the Negron for Congress campaign has been granted exclusive NH House CD2 license deploying the Buzz360 SwipeRed™ application.  This platform will recruit, engage and re-activate Granite Staters looking for a Negron victory in November.  Steve Negron said, “Since our 2018 Nomination our camp has enjoyed a vast grassroots network.  This innovative platform captures the momentum earned on the ground, and taps another capability to recruit more, organize even better and viral our message to ‘Build Our Future’ into 2020 and beyond.”  Negron continues, “The SwipeRed™ app levels the playing field in the new social distancing world.  We are all now consumers of everything electronic, this is our way of competing in that world. Ultimately, it really is a great tool for us to continue our strategy of building more relationships.”


Republican Steve Negron’s campaign organization says it has signed on with a company to use an innovative app to recruit supporters.

The 2nd Congressional District candidate's campaign said it has been granted license to use the Buzz360 “SwipeRed” app. Negron called it a platform to “recruit more, organize even better and viral our message to build our future into 2020 and beyond.”

He said the app “levels the playing field in the new social distancing world.”

Lisa Schneegans, co-founder of Buzz360 called Negron “a strong candidate and a forward thinker. In today’s COVID-19 pandemic, we must continue to reach voters while remaining vigilant in a world which protects and respects voters’ privacy. The SwipeRed™ app will help Negron reach more people in a way in which they prefer during this time.”

Meanwhile, Negron has picked up the endorsement of former Executive Councilor and former Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter and former Nashua Mayor Don Davidson.

Both endorsed Negron primary foe Stewart Levenson in 2018. Levenson is not running for the seat this year.