Here is a look at the 2022 review: 

Advocate Based Peer-to-Peer Texting

Mid-year we turned on Peer-to-Peer texting from the SwipeRed App. It has been wildly successful sending 3,300,0000 messages for ballot chasing, persuasion, voter turnout, and recruiting advocates. This led to thousands of conversations resulting in donations, new sign locations, and ballots returned.

Broadcast Texting

Using the Platform, our campaigns and organizations sent over 8,000,000 10DCL messages to get the word out, invite primary voters to telephone town halls, and engage voters. Many campaigns used the conversation functionality to persuade voters by having tens of thousands of conversations about the cause. 

Relational Messages 

Relational outreach is the foundation of authentic communication of all outreach. Having conversations with friends and family about our cause or candidate is the single most effective voter outreach. The SwipeRed advocates talked to 121,000 voters about issues and candidates through text, email, phone, and direct messages. Through those relationships, they were able to identify and encouraged thousands of friends to vote who were not on voter rolls.


Social Sharing

During the past year, advocates used the SwipeRed app to reach approximately 402,000 voters through their personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram networks, sharing campaign messages and engaging with their friends on behalf of the campaigns.

Email Outreach

We all know that email is still an effective and easy way to reach voters. Our users sent 5,200,000 emails and on average 33% of the voters opened those emails to donate and learn more about the cause. Tens of thousands of voters clicked on content to learn more.

Events Feature

Hundreds of events were created and promoted through the All-in-One Platform and SwipeRed app. These events were used to promote Friend Banking events, Meet and Greets, Fundraisers, Neighborhood Canvassing, and Activist Training. The events are promoted on the organization's Buzz360 websites and the new Activate.Red collective volunteer and events site.

Other notable happenings 

  • Ballot chasing turned out to be a very effective use of data-driven targeting. More later....
  • Location-based outreach was introduced late in the cycle and was used for canvasing and advocate-based neighborhood events and outre

Our Passion Continues

We are thankful for our incredible organizations and candidates who trusted our technology and are excited to continue our work together in 2023. We are committed to creating innovative solutions to make your work more effective and easier. As we look ahead to the new year, we look forward to continuing our fight for our shared values. For now, we wish you a safe and happy New Year.

Stay tuned for new ballot-chasing processes and innovative features to win in the upcoming cycle! 

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